Professional Comedian

Corporate Clients

Opening Act for:

“Your show is hilarious!  I never stopped laughing”.  - Robin Williams

“Having been in the business of presenting comedy for more than 35 years, owning a comedy club in San Francisco and working with many of the all-time greats (including at one time managing Dana Carvey), Mark Cordes is one of today’s great comedians.  His material is smart, clean, connects with virtually everyone and is a total pro on and off the stage.  We love him.” - Bill Ayers, CEO Comedic Ventures

“I want to steal all your material.  You were great!”.  - Al Michaels, ABC Sports

“Never misses a beat.  Impeccable timing, charm, and innovative, intelligent material”.  - Minneapolis Star Tribune

​“Thanks for another great show.  We can always count on you to be hilarious and a total pro.  You’re the
best!”.  - Gregg Tryhus,   owner @ Whisper Rock Golf Club

“I am sure we could have done the awards presentation just fine, but your comic genius created an evening that not one person in our group will soon forget.”   - Resource Net International